Author Topic: For sale - Lister TS2 diesel generator on trailer  (Read 494 times)


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For sale - Lister TS2 diesel generator on trailer
« on: December 21, 2018, 12:17:27 AM »
Genuine Lister TS2 two cylinder air cooled diesel 8kW generator.  On trailer with hitch and wire connections for brake lights. Runs great, starts up every time.  Recent cleaning of injectors, other parts were bought for spares.  Recently replaced the air filter and on engine fuel filter (the 20 gallon tank has it's own fuel filter).  Paper manual included, I can also send you pdf manuals.  Listers will run forever, and are known to be very efficient; i.e., stingy with fuel. (But all of you here know that already.) Recently towed it to it's present location, so everything works.  Can be run with a short pipe muffler, I like the exhaust as far from the intake as possible, thus the 2X4 for extra support.  Twenty (20) gallon metal fuel tank, metal lockable box with extra filters and crank handle.  You will need to make arrangements to pick this up.

I guess I don't know how to post pics, and can't find a 'how to' anywhere.  But you can see what it looks like here: