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Lister HR4 Generator
« on: December 03, 2018, 11:05:09 AM »
Can I dip my toe into the font of knowledge? I have recently purchased a 35KVA lister Brush Generator off fleabay. However it did not come with a control box, didn't even give it a thought, DOH.   It is for my workshop 3 phase equipment and I intend to start it from a push button. I wish to build a control box and I have had a look over it and it doesn't seem too complicated. However I would like to run by a few queries to you all.

1.  Is the control circuits 12v and the starter motor 24v.

2. There is a single pole normal open switch centrifugal which I assume is overspeed switch.

3. There is a single pole  change over centrifugal switch which I assume low speed- why change-over.

4. Do the centrifugal switches operate a indicator lamps.

5. I think the oil pressure/air temp  is series  circuit and I assume  operates the stop solenoid.

6. I assume it is dymano,it doesn't look very alternatorish, what do I need to purchase for regulation and does any one know how it is wired.

7  Can I confirm load regulation is  acheived by mechanical means.

I hope this makes sense and thank you in advance foryour help.