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Re: Glort
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That's definitely Glort, he's complaining!


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Re: Glort
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30 thousand pictures ?? how can you even press the shutter that much ?

  There are 43,200 seconds in a 12 hour period, so that's nearly 1 pic per second !!

Motor drive: Press shutter once, get N pictures per second (where N varies from 2-3 on old gear, to 10+ on new stuff*). Obviously in this digital age, there's no actual motor driving the non-existent film... but if it's an SLR (as I assume it is) then it's still got to move the mirror that quickly, so it'll still make that satisfying paparazzi "clickety click" noise. Well... unless the mirror is locked up, in which case it won't of course  :laugh:

* I'm guessing here... my camera, a relatively ancient but still brilliant Nikon D90, does about 4fps in "drive" mode. It's pretty easy to spam a memory card with lots of very similar looking pictures if you forget to turn it off...
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Re: Glort
« Reply #17 on: November 15, 2018, 09:43:46 AM »

AS one of the shooters still in the game and old enough to have cut their teeth on film, I never really know what to call the " Full Auto" shutter action either.  I load up a not that big of a card now and see the frame counter still showing 1999 frames to go when I have already shot well over 1000.  I'd love to see a lot of these clowns that shoot 5000+ Images of a wedding do a nuptials on Film at 36 or 24 Shots as was common on Medium format in the day.  You shot 10X rolls of 36  and thought you'd over shot.  Now these wanna be's shoot 5000 frames and " deliver" 5-700. Any suggestion of shoot less but shoot more carefully is met with BS excuses of why this can't possibly be done in complete ignorance in the way things were done for decades before they came along.

My cameras shoot 10 Images per second but I don't use that much.  Only time I use it on Cheer is on the flyers.  The rest I tap out single or double frames.  I have the ability to freeze The tumblers completely upside down 9 times out of 10 and that requires split second timing, literally.  Just spray off on the drive and you'll probably get a lot of nothing.

Last time I shoot Cheer I had to loan my spare camera to my mate that had all his gear held in customs.  One of the camera's went down ( actually a battery failed) and I had to use my " tourist" camera, a very basic Canon 600D.  I realised the difference in this with the shutter delay but soon ajusted for it and within a couple of routines was shooting exactly the same shots.  Guy I was working with was reviewing the pics and the only thing he noticed was the different frame res. A very basic and somewhat aged camera now but still capeable of a lot more than the gear heads that think having the latest pro gear is a necessity in creating decent pics.  They would do a lot better to invest in their own skills than invest in gear as a crutch.  Adapt and overcome and deliver as promised.

The way we work with the Cheer there is virtually no room for errors.  We shoot a routine and then might on a nice, slow day have 30 sec to chimp and edit the shots before we put the card in the reader and push them to the server.  All the routine folders are pre loaded and the software ( all DOS actions/ scripts) downloads the card, puts it in the appropriate folder and then formats the card.  The images are then reduced in size and uploaded to dropbox for the parents and competitors to see.  Because of the great Wifi at the place we were shooting, all images from a routine were on the air within 5 min of the routine finishing.  Last time we had a wired connection and the upload was really fast but 5 min is fast enough and saves hassels with running cables as we used to.

We used to put all the routines on Disk for each Competitor.  Burning 12K disks over a weekend was no big deal.  We could burn up to 30 at a time.  Most teams are 12 kids but each kid could be in 10-20 routines so it adds up to a lot of disks.  We can also do USB sticks now which are even better because can be burned much faster than a disk.

My glam shoot for tomorrow came thought and I am trying to fit in another Saturday.  Want to go into Auckland and hit some of the gun shops before we go back and find myself a Knife.  Always bought a Knife for a souvenir every time I have been here so don't want to break the tradition.  Organised myself a shelf in the display cabinet at home for such things where the Mrs has so many of her trinkets.

Took a LONG time to go 250Km today. This place is so scenic we would pull over and take pics then get in only to go 500M down the road and pull over again to take more of another amazing scenery. Very beautiful here and so green, both land and water.
 Funny to hear people talk about how great the weather has been, no rain for 4 days.  At home we talk about no rain for 8 weeks!

The little Pry arse is economical that's for sure, got an average of 20.5 Km/l over the trip.  48 MPG fully loaded in very Hilly terrain and not exactly nursing the thing. I'm surprised how well it pulls up steep hills.  Gives quite a few bigger cars a run for their money up steep, long hills at 120 Kmh. If I had one of these things I'd look at throwing in an extra batter pack, decen't set of rubber and suspention and tweak the electric motor.  They do a Camry in these hybrids which is supposed to be quite sprightly.

The pryarse is Not bad for a not too new rental.