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Re: New engine and parts from India
« Reply #30 on: January 09, 2019, 01:51:47 AM »
Posted a picture from the water cooled injector head, A picture of the rods with pistons, put a normal piston in the middle for the contrast. One rod is wider at the big end, but if you tilt it it passes the cilinder.

And Bob you got a good point with the scraper ring, should do some measuring.
To be honoust I am totally not familliar with all the oversizes, has also to do with the inch/mm thing. But I have some cilinder blocks lying around that are a lot bigger then standard.

With these blocks(of this one) and pistons I have the feeling it is very early type, the guy also tried to sell me the old injectors with the push pin on the top.

i think I will move it to his new location and save the rest of the fun for a later time. Still got a lot of work to do in the new location, busy with heating now to make it more comfortable to be overthere.

And again if somebody has smart ideas distilled from the pictures I am all ears.