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Re: Metro Premium Listeroid
« Reply #30 on: October 26, 2018, 06:27:42 AM »
Hello and welcome to the LEF,
As for the manuals the India supplied manual is most valuable to kindle a fire and a Lister CS manual is of limited use due to the many changes made to the India engines.  However if you desire an India manual I can send you one providing you are either in the USA or willing to pay postage.  I have several OEM Lister manuals but none I care to part with. They are downloadable from a few sources last I knew one of them being The Internal Fire Museum. You must join the site to have access to the manuals. Send me a PM if you desire.

As far as I have been able to determine  premium as applied to Metro branded engines means the engine has extra cost accessories included. Might be a starter or water pump or oil pump all or any combination of them. It does not mean the engine was assembled with any more care or any less sand than any other Metro,, at least in my experience. I haven ever seen a Metro branded engine that was a clone or close copy of a CS, all are roller bearing splash lubricated,  5 stud classic "listeroids"

The test for sand  is easy, pull the crankcase door and drain the oil. Then run your finger around in the bottom of the crankcase checking for grit and once found you have a choice to make. Just remember that it does not need to be 1/2" deep to destroy the engine. If you find ANY sand or slag it will do a number on the engine, the only variable pertaining to quantity is  how long it takes to destroy the moving parts.


          Just wanted to commend you on your cam timing- valve lash article of a few years ago, did you end up with more info on Roid camshafts, I have always thought the relationship between the inlet lobe and the injection lobe to be the most important for making power without smoke. 
  Apparently the Indians aren't alone in their haphazard approach to valve timing, I have read an interesting article on a popular Italian sports motorcycle, where the as installed cam timing can be all over the shop, usually retarded from factory specs, sometimes up to 15 deg.

Also do they still just press the crankshaft timing gear on the Listeroid with no key to locate it, I suppose it would only end up about half a tooth out anyway.
Thanks very much for your good work ferreting out the info on cam timing and related info.



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Re: Metro Premium Listeroid
« Reply #31 on: October 26, 2018, 11:45:16 AM »
As I stated in my write up most engine builders would agree that  the intake opening point and exhaust closing point are the most important factors in valve timing.  I have not tried to make science out of the crank gear positioning. One  would assume there is a jig but maybe they just slap them on?  None including the original Listers had  a key that I am aware of.  Like everyone else I get a bit smarter with each one of the Indian engines that passes under my fingers, but so far I have found that bent camshafts, not placement of the gear or lobes is the primary reason for timing deficiencies.  One has to play with a degree wheel and indicator  to realize how much a slightly bent camshaft affects valve timing.
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