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Guide to using Veg oil.

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My mistake. your baby, as me old dad used to say!

You're right, it's 150ml / min, or around 6.5 minuets to pump a liter, a bit better than a damp day!

I'm away for a week or so, i'llget around to eventually..........


Thank you so much for the time you have spent on publishing your WVO for dummies. I will be proceeding with my plan to run my refurbished CS 6/1 on WVO.  I still have a way to go before first smoke, I also need to built it a shed and hook up the generator head. Sorry it`s all taking so long but my health ain`t great and I keep having to waste what time I have left visiting bloody Doctors. Had to go and see an orthopedic surgeon today, 250 Km round trip, he told me to go to see a neurologist. What a waste of time and money!  >:(

I will start looking for a couple of IBC containers to collect and store oil in. I will also be doing the rounds of the fast food outlets in Grafton, of which there are many. What a shame that the Australian population, which used to be slim tanned and health conscious, has followed the American model and become pale, lazy, fat and unhealthy. A perfect place to score a lot of WVO I would guess.

I will also be looking to find myself an old diesel vehicle without too many K`s on it. I`m sure there are some old Patrols, Pajeros, Prados or Hilux out there somewhere, just hard to find. I know a couple of mechanics and scrap metal dealers who would be happy to take my money so I`ll put the word out.

Once again thank you, sorry for putting the hard word on you to do it. AdeV if you are reading this could you please elevate Glort`s work to the Wall of Knowledge.


+1 for the WOK


Thanks Glort, I`ve been checking out the Musso range. In the Uk they sell under the name Daewoo. I didn`t know they had Merc engines and drive trains. Should be good and reliable provided the bodies don`t rust away because they are made of recycled sh1t with a poor paint job. There are a couple for sale on CarSales for under $5000 with reasonable K`s. Were the engines/gearboxes genuine German manufacture or did they just buy the designs and manufacture them in S Korea? Not worried about looks, can`t be uglier than me. Old ugly vehicles don`t get stolen or broken into often because thieves know it`s not worth the effort or risk.

I`d love a Nissan Patrol but will need to win the lotto to afford one, regardless of it`s age, especially out here in the bush where they are very much sought after. A friend of mine had a beauty, sadly it had some badly installed aftermarket electrics fitted. It caught fire one night and burned down the shed it was parked in. Luckily no one was injured. A month before he had driven it up to northern Queensland on a camping trip, it had a roof tent he slept in every night for three weeks, he still has nightmares about how lucky he was.


Hey Glort, I finally had some time to read through your PDF. Let me just say you have some great ideas. I wish I had read this years ago when I was running WVO in my diesel cars.

Your drying method is brilliant. I think it could also be done in other wasy to suit different needs and equipment. I always hated the idea of heating the oil to boil the water out. What a waste of energy to dry it that way. You are taking advantage of the air ability to do all the work for you. Its the same principle of an evaporative cooler, using the phase change of the water and dry air to your advantage. Do you use an evaporative cooler for cooling your house where you live? If so, I would love to show you my 2 stage cooler I am working on for my house.

I also now see what you mean about not needing to preheat the oil before injection. Good point on the oil temp in the injector before it is sprayed.

PDF should be pinned. A must read for anyone getting into waste oils.



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