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Buggered if I can find the thread where this started now but as requested, here is my guide to using veg oil.
It flys in the face of about 90% of the info on the net, but it's what I have learned through hands on testing and experience over the last 15 years.

If there are things I have left out people want to know, by all means ask and I'll do my best to address said questions so the info is as valuable to as many people as possible. I have left the files on my site so I can more easily edit and update them as need be as feedback dictates.

It's not short so those with comprehension troubles should not bother but it's not something you can tell someone how to do properly in a single paragraph either.  Shorter to read this than spend years wasting time on useless and incorrect procedures. 

The PDF version is here:

And the word version is here:

Should be easy to print out for those that are interested or good night time reading on screen for those with insomnia to who want to nod right off.
Hope it is of some help to someone though.

old seagull man:
Thank you Heir Professor Glort, lover of questionable German misstress's and whisper of decade  dinosaurs.

A most interesting read and some good advice to keep you on the correct road.
Jokes a side thanks for the massive effort of putting all this together, sharing what you know helps us all.

So Thanks 


Um, I have to pick up Chinese for dinner tonight, her indoors night off. Must check out there oil drum while it wait.  LOL.

Thank you so much Glort for sharing your knowledge with us. I haven`t read it all as it`s past my bedtime and I`ve got to go see the doctor in the morning. I`ll be reading every word tomorrow and encouraging others to do the same, I`ll let you know if I have any questions.

Sweet dreams to you all,


Thanks Glort

Well worth the read.

Whilst on the subject, is 15ml a minuet go for the WI on a 2.5 TDI Landy?, I intend to follow the advice and fit an interrupter so it only pumps on higher revs.

Cheers Stef

Marvelous job of technical writing with a fun narrative, Glort.

The WI section reminded me I must dope my Listeroid WI water with methanol very soon- freezing night time temps are coming!



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