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Hi All

The reason I've been using 20% Dino and 80% WVO (as a start point) is a bit Glort like!

The only guy I know running WVO in a 200TDI Landy is running 50 / 50, having read all sorts of varying information on various web sites and fora I decided to take 'baby steps' and form my own opinions based on my own observations.

I started with 50 / 50 then shifted to 20 / 80, running a couple of tank fulls of each, and noting the performance on two different routes I use frequently. The first is a 2 k stretch from the end of our drive to the village of Gripp in which the road rises 175 meters, how well the truck is pulling in fourth as I go through the village is obvious, with the speed / power droping off as the percentage diesel decreases. The other is a short sharp climb up to the ridge to the east of here, in second, same result.

I was hampered at first by the shite the WVO  shook loose from the 38 year old fuel tank clogging every thing up, a couple of fuel filters and strip down of the injectors followed by re plumbing of the turbo to inlet manifold with a silicone hoses and a 180 alluminium bend (instead of the bits and pieces I picked up at the local scrap yard) gave me decent performance on Dino, and a base line.

A tank lasts me around 3 weeks so I guess I'll be at it for a while.

Next up is WVO and ULP, which begs the question is it worth starting on 5% or do I go straight to 10?

Once I get some more shed time I'll have a go at water injection, I've got a systolic pump and a couple of meters of tubing doing nothing.

The up side of living here is I get to do the same runs over and over, I put the dog in the Landy and drive a few K most days, just so we can go somewhere different without walking on the road first (The fact that one of us has an abiding interest in mushrooms also has a bearing)

Once I finish this tank I'll switch to ULP, I  tried diesel first as it's summer here, up to 35 daytime, now it's getting cooler, down to 5 at night, The old Mccormick tractor, on straight WVO took some heater pugs and cranking this morning.

When I do I'll add another couple of 'spices'

Cheers Stef


--- Quote from: glort on September 17, 2018, 05:23:16 PM ---

Turbine fuel has additives to keep the stuff liquid to -40C and the military fuels have even lower gel temps if you can get hold of them.
Once fuel is taken out of an aircraft it is not allowed to go back in them but goes real well in a diesel vehicle or stationary engine.  :0) 
--- End quote ---

Do you add any oil for fuel pump / injector lube when you use JP1 ?


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