Author Topic: Lister D Magneto HT Pickup  (Read 1438 times)


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Lister D Magneto HT Pickup
« on: August 07, 2018, 09:32:13 PM »
Hi, I've recently purchased my first Stationary Engine - a Lister D. In working order and have had running but am looking to update some of the parts and tidy up. Whilst replacing the HT Lead, the part where it attaches on to the magneto has broken - seems to have been previously glued. I've tried searching for a replacement part, and whilst I can find something similar, I can't see anything which matches the one on my D. The HT pickup seems similar to Lucas K2F spec? but seem to be posted as vintage motorcycle spares. I've posted some images of the part which screws on to the back of the magneto.
Can anyone help identify exactly what I need, and where i can buy one? Thanks in advance. Ian