Author Topic: Geez I hate wind.  (Read 705 times)


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Geez I hate wind.
« on: August 19, 2018, 07:43:11 AM »

Right now most of the east coast of oz is getting blown to all hell.  I'm a good way inland, around 50km and still getting blown to all hell.
Having panels on my ground solar mount coming off because the tek screws I have put into the frames with washers are tearing through or snapping the bolts.  Doubt If I could pull the panels off myself like that.

I have gone out and put clamps on a lot of them now but wondering if all that is going to do is cause the whole arrays to blow over or into something. Somehow the mounts themselves although only held down with large tent pegs ( at an angle ) haven't budged. My little bush shed I built is also holding up well, much to my surprise. Wasn't sure I did that quite sturdy enough but seems I did.

Wind to me is nothing but destructive and a pain in the backside.  Can't see it serves any good particularly when it is like this.

Been thinking this would be great for a wind turbine but then I'm not so sure.  thing would stand a real good risk of over speeding and spinning itself to pieces or just blowing over if Furled.  I think it would take a LOT to keep something even at roof height atm.
Could be a good time to try a savonious turbine just sitting on the grass, No shortage of wind at any height here atm.

I am happy there are no tress within striking distance of the house bar the huge one out the front.  That thing is so massive I can't see it moving seeing it's been there about 200 years and fortunately, the wind always seems to blow from the house side so if it does go over, it won't be  leveling the place.
Would take a cleanup crew about a week to chop the thing up and get rid of it but everyone in the street would have fire wood for the next 3 seasons or more.

The wind has blown away the nice spring temps we were enjoying early and with so many fires burning here atm, I hate to think what's happening with them.

Yep, I called it,  there was just a Mighty wind gust that made the house creak, I  heard a thump and can see a bunch of panels have gone over again.
They can stay there for the time being.  It's nearly 5 pm so nothing to gain other than damage by picking them up while this wind blows all night again.

I really do hate Wind!


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Re: Geez I hate wind.
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 11:23:01 AM »
Hey Glort, the wind hit you first, it`s working its way north up the east coast. We have had the Nymboida camp oven festival this weekend, completely surrounded by bush fires. Very frightening when the helicopters starts flying over trying to water bomb the fires.

Thankfully the RFS appear to have been successful in tackling the bush fires and the thousand visitors/campers at the canoe center are all leaving in the morning.

Can`t wait for the rain predicted for this next weekend.