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Greetings everyone

I would like to publicly acknowledge the support already given by BroncoDriver99.

See you later.


--- Quote from: sirpedrosa on August 06, 2018, 03:20:45 PM ---Hello everyone

Following Tiger's advice, here's a new 12/2 topic.

This Sunday was a day to visit the old machine. (Acquisition under discussion) Due to not deteriorate much more, it was all sprayed with WD40 - for now - I will experiment later on the ATF / acetone.

Bad news are: the whole system of governor seized with rust;
a fuel pump element seized with rust;
the two intake Tappets seized with rust.

All this at the first glance.

It's going to be a lot of work.

I kindly ask to anyone in this forum the 12/2 manual in pdf format.

--- End quote ---

Try this.  A 12/2 is really, largely, just a couple of 6/1s

Se attachment

Many thanks MikeNash

More good stuff to burn eyelashes.


My dear friends

Do not get me wrong but I said earlier that I was going to take baby steps.

The historic rivalry between RA Lister and the Petter brothers can not fail to honor both in contributing to the advancement of technology.

So I looked for an acceptable price machine to honor the Petter brothers too, and today I went to get a PAZ1.

Not working because it is dry. In a few days I give him a drink to see if he is resuscitated.

At first glance it has good compression, but the blower casing accuses the hard work of moving a cement mixer for a few years. It has some patches and a lot of welds.

Here are some pictures. Please be complacent because this is not the right place, and as soon as possible I will open a new thread in the right place - even because I need help and literature.

It seems to me to have been a good deal. The cost of going fetch it and the temporary wheelbase, is already higher than the cost of the machine.

Now I need your support with the workshop manual for disassembly and assembly this PAZ1.

However the 12/2 is not forgotten, but it needs more manpower.

Best Regards to All

Greetings my good fellows

I started the new thread of my PETTER PAZ1 here:

Fell free to enjoy.

Best regards to all


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