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Hello everyone

Following Tiger's advice, here's a new 12/2 topic.

This Sunday was a day to visit the old machine. (Acquisition under discussion) Due to not deteriorate much more, it was all sprayed with WD40 - for now - I will experiment later on the ATF / acetone.

Bad news are: the whole system of governor seized with rust;
a fuel pump element seized with rust;
the two intake Tappets seized with rust.

All this at the first glance.

It's going to be a lot of work.

I kindly ask to anyone in this forum the 12/2 manual in pdf format.

I forgot,

Is missing also the return fuel line (was stolen cut, due the copper/brass), and the starting handle is somewhere that the owner don't remember.

Best Regards

Hey Sirpedrosa,

What a great project.  I think the twin is the best looking of all the Listers.  You've come to the right spot for informed guidance.  (Not me, I'm just a Lister fan boy.)

Best Wishes,


I'm thinking you should be careful around paint you want to remain with the 50/50 release stuff.

Hello Casey,

I recognize the 12/2 is a little beast (above 500kg), but this project means at lest to preserve history of my toddler time, as I had spent countless hours earring that POP/POP in my birth village.
But a single does't get out of my mind. One at time.

Please clarify me about that recipie of ATF/Acetone issues.



--- Quote from: sirpedrosa on August 06, 2018, 03:20:45 PM ---I kindly ask to anyone in this forum the 12/2 manual in pdf format.

--- End quote ---

I have a couple of PDF's I can email you. One specifically calls out the 12/2 and I have an earlier version that list the 10/2(they are the same except for RPM. If you want to PM me your email address I will send them over to you.


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