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Engine Drive plate / PTO shafts.
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:01:36 PM »

Found a 30 HP Ruggerini twin Diesel for only $200. Said to be a good runner.

It has no output shaft, only a drilled Flywheel like a Clutch face.
I believe these are a standard size and you can get the plates to bolt up with a stub shaft.  Looked on fleabay and can't find anything much.

Does anyone know the proper name for these things?

Not much good getting the engine if I can't drive anything off it.  I spose I could get an adapter made up but I think I should be able to get one and they shouldn't be too hard to find if I know the name of what I'm looking for. Told myself not to buy any more aircooled engines but this one seems too good to pass up. 30 Hp is a decent engine. Be great to put onto a lawn tractor as a replacement for a petrol engine.

I also stuffed around and finally got the China Diesel mounted today with the 3 phase induction motor. Bitch of a thing fought me every step of the way with not being able to do it one way or another. Simple thing but really buggered me around.
When I did finally get it all hooked up, I couldn't get the motor to energize.  Flashed it and mucked around some more then sitting on the cold garage floor with swarf from holes I had drilled in the unistrut to get it all together sticking in my arse, a thought came to my depleted brain.  Went inside, banged some numbers and sure enough.  The Diesel don't spin fast enough for the pulley on it and the 3 Phase.  I remembered I drove it off the little China diesel ok but when I looked, that's a 2800 RPM engine and this one is only 2200. Enough to make a difference.

Does anyone know if there are either larger than standard Pulleys available of the 3 Holed, flywheel Centred stock Pulleys on the China horizontals Or a plate and stub shaft replacement?  I have looked on the usual Trade sites but Found nothing.
Spose the other thing would be to take the original to a machine shop and ask them to make a plate and shaft for me.  Hate to think what that would cost.  Would seem simple enough to turn a plate and a shaft and bore a hole to centre them so I could weld them together but I bet I'd be horrified at the price. 

At least with a stub shaft I could put on any size pulley I want. Calculated the ideal size is 4" and of course the stock one is 3".


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Re: Engine Drive plate / PTO shafts.
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 05:12:02 PM »
If you are only mucking around why not get a short length of shaft and a couple of plummer blocks to make up a lay shaft with two pulleys of the requisite size?

Surely cheaper than machine shop work........

Cheers Stef
Tighten 'til it strips, weld nut to chassis, peen stud, adjust with angle grinder.