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Does anyone know?


I've read the posts here and watched the videos on YouTube, but when I Google Redstone diesel engine the search leads back to same.
I understand that they were imported by 2 or 3 gentlemen in the USA and Canada, and they cannot be legally imported into the USA under the present ban, but who was the overseas supplier if anyone knows?

There is no such ban where I live and I am interested in contacting the supplier.

Thank you for your help.

Hugh Conway:
Hello Willw

Those Redstones are made of unobtanium. The ones imported to U.S and Canada were the last of a production line. Some of the last few were assembled by "volunteers" at the factory.
I has the pleasure of disassembling one, cleaning out the copious quantities of casting sand (Supposedly the purview of Indian Listeroids) then putting it back together and running it. There were some problems, probably because of some being assembled with leftover parts from an earlier production run. Seemed like it was a very stoutly designed and built machine, but the last few were not all that great. Now they are no more. The original importers,  Utterpower in the U.S. and a fellow named John Ferguson in Canada,  have gone on on to other fields . I do not know the original manufacturer.
You might search these LEF threads for the few members that had a Redstone. Maybe they would sell. I doubt parts are available though.
Best bet for a horizontal is a Changfa of the appropriate power.Quite similar engines.


Hugh Conway:
Here is an old thread on LEF re  the  Redstone


Hi Hugh, thank you for the explanation.
Now I understand why they seemed to vanish without a trace....they actually did that.
What a pity they went out of business.

You are right; a Changfa or 3 is the next best thing.
I'm saving my pennies :)


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