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Re: Charging a 12v battery
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The penultimate paragraph in your reply is enough to make me feel like hiding under the table. "Star and delta wiring, Capacitance, flashing field windings, frequency, AC/DC, 3 phase Rectifiers, voltage sag, C2c configurations....."!

I really just like the idea of having electricity during a power cut something none of my wealthy neighbours have. I have a small very noisy Yanmar L48 generator I have the Lister project which may at some stage become a 12v system with an inverter and theres a 2 stroke Chinese generator that was sitting for 3 years now it hunts and splutters, needs a carburettor I think. The Lister really needs a total rebuild those old cement mixer engines are badly treated and parts are expensive so thats a slow burner no pun intended.

The starter that came with the generator is off a Kubota tractor it works well and is worth more than what I paid for everything it's going to be an easy sell it's Denso not Chinese rubbish.

Here's an odd thing, "Home and Away" is on television around lunchtime and it's repeated after the evening news I assume this is because nobody can believe it on the first viewing.  Anyway I was out in the shed yesterday evening and the wife came out and said "stop starting those fcuked engines I can't hear a thing" I pointed out that a "fcuked" engine might not actually be able to be started and that saying stop starting is grammatically poor. She said "you're a stupid B. turn them off"

I can't win


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Re: Charging a 12v battery
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I can't win

Oh yes you can my oily friend of compression ignition proclivity!

You just need some Rat Cunning advise from the land of strange and Unique Marsupials!  After all, it was our stupid TV shows that got you the scorn of the Chief cook and bottle washer, only right we bail you out!

And heres how....

"bout 5 Min before  Hopeless and ashamed  comes on at mid day, ( or at night if you can't see the neighbors lights from your place) you sneak round the fusebox and kill the main switch. Come round the back and ask 'ere in doors  " waddidthehellyadoo? All the Flamin Powers gone out!"  Accuse her of something like turning on the stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, hairdryer, pool pump ( don't matter if ya aint got one) etc all at once and using all the power and blowing the fuse.   Then disappear and come back announcing, It must be a blackout.

Look at the time to remind her and say something like, Juice should be back on in an hour.  If she doesen't say something about missing the stupid show, remind her and say, Oh, I was going to watch something on TV to which she will  say she was going to watch the other crap.
Ponder a moment then whip out the back, Grab the extention lead you prepared earlier to make sure the bastard is long enuogh, Come in, Plug in the box, fire up the genny and say  " There you are my love, my sweet. I wouldn't want you to miss out on your favorite Shi..... Show,  I have rigged up the genny so you can watch it.

And that my friend will get you your favorite Irish stew, Dublin Coddle, scones or apple cake for dinner as well for being such a wonderful thoughtful bloke.
And never again my potato and cabbage partial friend will you every hear protest about the sound of your toys.   :0)

And if you do, you can reply thoughtfully and with charm and grace and say " Well ya never bloodywell whinged about it the other day when I put it on so you could watch that idiot mindless show of yours did 'ya!?" once more subtly reminding her of your good and generous deed.

No don't thank  me, just the kind of helpful suggestions we provide round here to help our fellow industrially deaf brothers win the good fight.   :laugh:


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Re: Charging a 12v battery
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