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just happy to report - Lister 6/1 running great on WVO


I've finally gotten this thing humming the way I'd always imagined, and now have probably a bit more than 100 hours with this set up.   

I don't have a water-adding device, nor have I changed the air filter from the stock.    Still, just happy things are working so well.   I suppose I'm posting this to open myself to criticism/advice on how to continue my streak of healthy running. 

Here's my short blog post with some photos:

Glort, what kind of water injection set up do you have?  Thanks.

I've been reading about this for quite some time, and guys using windshield washer fluid or just water.  I have hurt two of my Ford trucks in the past on wmo but have put 10's of thousands of miles on them before signs of the piston rings seezing up.  I farm and use wvo and wmo in tractors too.  Even a VW with a 1.9 tdi.  I appreciate the insight from your experience.  Only thing I can think to add is if your engine has a turbo is adding the WI after the turbo or in a way water won't go through the trubo.  I like simplicity.  I'll be shopping eBay today

Yep that boost pressure was a thought as well.  The vacuum in the intake would create some natural suction too. Thanks much, parts are ordered.


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