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Well done Stef, a beautiful property in a magnificent part of the world. I have spent a lot of my holidays in the Pyrenees and French alps and I just love it. I would happily volunteer to come and roof your barn but I suspect my health problems would make me more of a liability than an asset.

Please keep us posted on how it`s going.


Hi All

Just over a year after 'spitting and shaking' the Marie - local council office - have accepted my application to convert the barn this afternoon.

It's taken so long 'cos I wouldn't cough up 4000 / 6000 Euros for an architect to do the plans, so you get to run around half a dozen different offices whilst getting drip fed information, still, once the Mayor has looked over the dossiers, read the soil report ref the septic tank and stamped all four copies of everything - takes around 2 months - I'll put my money down. That'll only take another three, so I should get the green light around half past October!



That's great news, Stef! Glad you wore the red tape folks down.  Gold stars for perseverance!

Hi Stef

"Pied dans le fumier". Congretulations.

Congratulations, seriously.

I know the surroundings, like Lourdes, Tarbes and Toulouse (and further till switzerland). Beautiful site.

Follow, now, your imagination. Don't forget to open "une bonne bouteille".


Well done Stef, I`m looking forward to photos of your stone barn becoming something spectacularly beautiful over the next year or two. I`m guessing October in the Pyrenees will be starting to get cold so any work involving concrete or cement mortar will have to wait till spring unless you use antifreeze additives. Are you going to be doing the work yourself or employing local builders?



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