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Lister CS setup to make it`s own fuel

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Tranks Glort, I was thinking of using a floating rubber bung out of a Davey pump on top of my oil barrel, should keep the moisture out as long as I don

Sorry Glort don`t know what happened there, some how managed to post half way through typing. What I was trying to say was that a flap valve on top of my oil tank should prevent ingress of water provided it doesn`t cause a vacuum and crush the tank as it cools. Maybe a pressure relief valve would be the go.

Hey Glort, I had a mate years ago, who managed a glass bottle plant that supplied bottles for just about everything. He told me that most of these companies charge more for the bottles than the do for the contents, so I`m not at all surprised at the quality of some plastic containers, dumping them in landfill should be against the law. Every time I go to the supermarket I get $100 dollars of groceries in $50 dollars of packaging that I then have to pay the local council to take away and recycle/bury.

The recent embargo on China importing our waste products is going to leave a mountain of useful containers that no one wants, The idea of recycling these as storage for recycled fuel is a no brainer, no doubt some jobs worth will try to outlaw it on the grounds that it is a health hazard or a danger to the environment.

Looking forward to the revolution/collapse of global economy, then we can string up all of these over paid useless buggers and get on with life.

hey Glort what`s with the fair trial BS? just string them up. They haven`t given any of us a fair go why should we give them one?

With you on all sorts of packaging, spent sometime fitting kitchens, I would spend a whole day unpacking s*it and fill a whole skip with polystyrene and cardboard before I got to fit anything.

I did see a post about dissolving polystyrene in biodiesel and using as fuel, not sure how good that would be for an engine or the environment but probably better than chucking it in landfill.

Interestingly there has been some talk of new microbes that can digest plastics, trouble is they consume the hydrocarbons and excrete CO2 and chlorine gas, might be time to by some gas masks.

Very interesting thread here.


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