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Best Generator for a Lister SR2?

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I will be acquiring a Lister SR2 project, soon and was looking for some advice as to the best generator head to bolt up to it.  Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks,

Best financially and best technically will be two different things. Your expected use of the machine and also budget will determine best choice for you.

Chinese ST belt driven can be a good combination as long as you purchase a decent quality ST with copper windings.

If you have a large enough budget, Marathon and Stamford are good names. Expect to triple or quadruple the cost for these. There are decent in-between choices... Stamford brushless clones are available at 1/2 the name-brand pricing.


  I really don't want to use a belt driven generator.  This Lister will take a "bolt on" type generator -- circular bolt pattern - 6 or 8 bolts.  If I went belt driven, then I would have to buy a stub shaft adapter and pulley's and belts and a mount.  Bolt on works much better on this engine.  I used to have an HR2 with a 15 KW Lima Brushless Alternator when I lived in the Bahamas.  That was a super generator!  The SR2 is the "Little Brother" to the HR2.   This engine will need a 6-8 KW generator.  -- Charlie

Then you already know the answers to your question... direct-coupled high-end SAE standard head. You will be paying for adapters for your SR to include housing, drive hub, and flex plates. Then it is a matter of selecting the SAE head you prefer. Lister often used Stamford, but also many of the Marathon heads are in use with these. Big bucks.


What did you end up getting for your sr2 ?

Sprocket/belt or direct drive?

I have a SR2 with a 5.5Kw ( of unknow manufacture ) generator head


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