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G`Day all from down under. (Northern NSW, Australia)
I have been a member for quite some time but have never posted before. A few years back I purchased a Lister ST2 SOM in very neglected condition. With a lot of help and parts from Gary at Diesel Electric she now provides back up for our home.
Last year I had a very serious car accident and have been undergoing rehabilitation ever since. In a slightly mad attempt to speed up this process I bought a Lister CS 6/1 yesterday. Serial number 1510616 (1956) crankcase casting number 25 A 56 so January 1956 I believe. Four years older than me.
It is my plan to restore this to as new condition and add a three phase generator head to power my workshop machines.
The CS is missing a fuel tank, cooling system, inlet manifold and filter, exhaust silencer and push rod. I will have to strip every part of this and examine them to compile a list of required spares. For now all I plan to do is cover everything in penetrating oil and let it soak in for a while.
I will post some pictures as I go and all advice will be very much appreciated

Awesome. Its the best way to disengage from reality and relax in another world.  It will exercise you physically, improve coordination etc, and more importantly distract you from any nagging pain. Once completed, sitting down close and watching it run is akin to relaxing on a deserted beach, watching the lazy waves of the ocean breaking on shore.
I could drift off to sleep listening to mine....
Good luck with the healing process.....

Very nice! I just pulled 10 units out of storage today and most of them looked like your photo or worse. It maybe too ambitious but I intend to get on with the restoration on these old beauties this winter - mass production style.


Thanks starfire and dieselgman for the encouragement, doubt I would be undertaking this without this forum.
I am going to struggle with just one such engine, 10 is probably masochistic, good luck. do you expect to get ten running or cannibalise some to produce maybe 7 good ones?
A couple of early observations on my engine: 1. having removed gib key cover(1 missing) I note that the gib keys are numbered to match the corresponding fly wheel. I have to assume some level of individual fitting was employed, probably involving a file and some engineers blue. 2.Wear on the crankshaft from the starting handle is normally on the number one side allowing a person to use their right hand for cranking before using the left to disengage the decompression lever. On mine the wear is on the number two side suggesting that the previous owner was left handed. 3. No discernible play or end float in the crankshaft. Crankshaft is not seized but I will refrain from attempting to turn her over until I have investigated the condition of the cam shaft and idler.
Just a thought, has anyone tried driving an air conditioner with one of these? Temperatures here are set to soar to 50 degrees this summer.
They say that laughter is the best medicine, my wife is feeling great laughing at her stupid husband. I am hoping to have the last laugh when the CS fires up.

Well it seems that you have learned a very valuable lesson, "never give up!".
I am sure that you will persevere and get the old girl running.
Ron in TN.


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