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Re: Electronic Govenors
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Thanks Samo.  I'll look at that and see what I can learn.

I'm not in any hurry, plenty of jobs before this. I do want to get the roid up and running again. Daughter is having her 21st. in january and seeing we are way out here in the sticks now ( an hour from the city and 40 min further from where we were before) she has decided she wants to have a " Bush Doosh"  theme for her party.  I believe that means country theme. Only problem I see is the music these kids are into now sounds like a rail car load of cars that ploughed into a power station.

As she wants country. I thought what better prop ( other than my little tractor) than the Roid chugging away in the corner driving a couple of Lights?
I'll bet I get asked endlessly WTF the thing is, and that will just be half of the adults, god knows what the kids will think of it!
So that will be the first resurrection ( have a bad feeling last thing that ran on was Veg oil so the pump may not be in too clean a state) and the Merc Gen will come later.  Want to look at importing an ST head from china anyway so have to see what traps and expenses are in that . Did see some on Alli express that weren't 5X the freight cost as the unit itself.

And yeah, I know what you mean about about disruptive. I have about 20 extension leads....... Somewhere.
Had to go to bunnings today and buy a couple because after about 90 min in the shed yesterday looking for the bag I put them in and took note of, buggered if I can find them.

The upshot was I found the family heirloom sticky tape dispenser that's made from an alloy of cast iron and lead so we have sticky tape in the house again!

You will unfortunately find out.

One smart thing I did that may be of help.
You'll need a stack of them most likley.  Bloody things are not cheap to buy however..... there was a bulky goods centre near where I was that had a variety of stores.  included were a sports shoe place, a supercheap, BCF and a pet warehouse.
I would go through their cardboard bins and literally get a ute full of flattened boxes at a time. All sizes, only one owner, great condition but the mileage was a bit high on many of them coming from China.

We had more boxes than we knew what to do with and always one of the right size.
So far the leftovers and the ones unpacked have supplied to other friends that have or are moving.
The cardboard Dumpsters are different to the general waste so are nice and clean and you don't have to wade through the staffs lunch scraps from a week back or other foul Yecch.

I did get some from other various places but have a look around behind the shops and you'll usually find the cardboard only bins. Real easy if you pick your time to get a ute load or more at a time. And also pick up and packing paper, foam, bubblewrap etc. That's real handy for the Mrs to wrap those fragile dust collectors in. Amazed to say, so far, we haven't found one singe thing broken.

I moved 40K and thought that as a job, You are literally moving over a sea. Don't envy you that one mate!

Oh, and buy the good packing tape. the cheap stuff is more frustration than it's worth.

Very much appreciate any help and time you can put into this whenever you have the time and inclination.