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Expain to me why you bother to make bio diesel

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My reason for making biodiesel is that I have 1000s of litres of whites.  I collect wvo from local restaurants I leave it to stand for a couple of weeks then decant the nice runny oil off the top.  That whats I run the 8/1 startomatic with.  Over the 10+ years I have been using the Lister I've acquired a mountain of dirty wet rancid whites which is no good for fuel as its nearly solid.  So I make biodiesel out of the whites. it turn thick horrible gunge into nice runny clean fuel that I can use in my td5 engined landrover.  I am allowed to use up to 2500 litres of tax free biodiesel a year.  So thats my reason for making biodiesel and the engine runs better as well.

I too recently dissmatled and scrapped my biodiesel processor.
Far too much work and mess in my opinion.
If I were running a more modern diesel vehicle with direct injection I may be more inclined to burn biodiesel.
But for my Lister and Changfa engines a blend of WVO and RUG is a much simpler way.
I was always concerned about handling/storing the biodiesel chemicals, disposing of the waste glycerin, and having to do a test titration to determine the fatty acid content of the oil in order to calculate the amount of catalyst to add.
Then there's mixing the caustic catalyst and introducing to the hot oil...
All to end up with a fuel for my stationary engines that is not much better than properly cleaned WVO.

Brad Silwood:
If ones end goal is to run a stationary engine, especially one installed in a power shed out of the elements, then good filtered WVO is perfect. It is relatively easy to heat up a small tank of VO and keep it flowing. If it does gel up because of the cold, 5 minutes and a torch will free things up. And yes, indirect injection loves WVO. The extra lubricity of the veg oil seems to be very healthy for injectors and pumps.

Once you decide that you will be using your own fuel for daily driver, visiting family hundreds of miles from home, and vacations, using a vehicle with a modern direct injection power plant - you will want to run washed biodiesel. When you have a 46 gallon tank, 10 foot fuel lines exposed underneath, wife and dogs onboard - fuel problems are not good - especially when avoidable.

It was an easier task for me to convert the oil, than to add a heated WVO tank, and a solenoid switch to switch tanks back to diesel in the fuel lines, for ease of starting the next morning. And then not remembering to flip the switch.............

Yes, for diesel vehicles (expensive engines and a major job to rebuild), the best biofuel is Biodiesel.
For stationary engines (especially IDI) WVO or WVO blend is very convenient.


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