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Expain to me why you bother to make bio diesel

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I'm just curious but why go through all the effort to take veggie oil and convert it to bio diesel? Why not just take veggie oil and add a small amount of gasoline so the specific gravity is that of diesel? What am I missing?

I don't..

The guy that does fish and chips down in the valley is really particular about his oil and changes it frequently. I pick it up in clear plastic containers and it looks like new,I run it through a filter, made of a couple of layers of old cotton sheet and that's it.

If there's some around I add a bit of sump oil when I pour it into the tractor, a 60's Mccormick, and that's it.

It takes a bit of cranking into life when it's cold, the battery is not the best, other than that it runs well and smells great when it's hauling a 4 ton trailer load up the steeper forest tracks.

I intend to run the Lister on it eventually, to which end I'm half way through building a crude mechanical power meter and a dummy load cell. If I discover anything meaningful I'll post up.

Cheers Stef

There is a fellow I know of who does mix the raw oils (specifically raw sunflower oil) with unleaded gasoline to a very specific viscosity and has good results running in his Listers and also his other tractors and farm equipment. No need for biodiesel conversion... His methods do conflict with some the "ivory tower" experimenters, but I trust his practical experience and his word.  :laugh: "Your results may vary."


I'm getting ready to clean away my biodiesel making equipment.  I'm just over the mess.  Best wishes to you pioneer types.

Depending on the oil, even when thinned with RUG, during cold temps fats can settle out and plug the system. It's very difficult to get those fats back into solution.


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