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filtering wvo
« on: August 04, 2006, 01:08:46 AM »
love the spinning to extract the unwanted proven they do work {some of them}.  just for the 2 pennys i have been using a toilet paper filter that is suppose to be around 1 micron. for those who want to try it is a compressed air filter to remove water. the model i have is a m-60 made by " motor gaurd corp" it is 1/2 npt in and out the replacement filters from them are m 723. not sure of the $ as it was a gimmie i do remember the filters to be way more than tp this is a canister that spilts in 1/2 with a quad ring to seal. after many atempts i put the filter on the suction side of operation. the quad would give out mant spit balls not round would fly randomly and the sticky goo was everywhere and flys too.  the # is 209 239 9191. yes it is a air filter but it does work for wvo also am using a hyd motor/pump to move the wvo yes there is such a thing. grainger 4f653. noisey but chucked up in a 1/2 hammer drill on low 1100 rpm about 9 gph. did get racor biocide bad a stuff 1.5 oz per 100 gal. of distillate fuels gas #1 & #2 diesel and bunker c  this is to kill fungi and backteria. did mix in so im hopin it good sorry for the on and on but got to tell it like it is