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I use one of these to pull my fuel rack closed is there is a loss of power out if the generator. For example, if a belt broke, the device would shut the engine down due to loss of power. Same for over heat, separate circuit attached. If I had it to do over, I would have the magnet engage and hold a switch on. Thus when the engine lost power or speed, a big spring would pull the switch into the off position due to loss of power and thus the magnet holding it on would disengage. This system could easily pull a relay.

Thanks for sharing this with me. It would be nice to cut the fuel off.

If I am understanding you correctly I should still install a Crompton voltage monitor in order to turn off the load in the quickest time. I can also use this to turn off the gas via a relay and a 12v transformer.

Having looked at the options on the Crompton website I believe the Crompton PVB-173/240 WITH AUXILIARY is my option. I can use this to close a relay that will control the entire load. I can also add to the load a 12volt transformer that will control your suggested solenoid. In the event of normal operation the Crompton monitor will energize the relay which will energize the load including the solenoid for the gas supply lever. In the event of undervoltage the Crompton will quickly disengage the relay, turn off all of the power which will in turn turn off the solenoid and close the gas valve. The only problem that I see is starting up the generator if the gas valve is closed. I might be able to install a timer relay that will energize the solenoid with 12volts from the battery for 5 minutes when I am starting the generator. I will just have to flip a switch to start the timer on the relay.

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