Author Topic: Voltage control and "Lister flicker"  (Read 10671 times)


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Re: Voltage control and "Lister flicker"
« Reply #30 on: January 30, 2016, 09:33:45 AM »
Hi DirtbikePilot, I'm surpprised by your statement, does the generator have a heavy flywheel type pulley on the shaft?  I thought that would cure my flicker but the belt chirped on the power stroke even though I tightened it as much as I dared.  The speed variation problem is very interesting and I've thought about it a lot bringing up even more questions.  Mostly I wonder if there is a point of diminishing return from adding too much rotating mass since the combustion event only lasts so long and the rod bearings only have X amount of resilience.  At some point do you lose overall power output from the crankshaft?  Then with using an alternator to charge a battery bank the engine can speed up but can the batteries absorb the extra pulse of power?  Which way is more efficient overall?  If I was off grid I'd have a battery bank and my 'Roid would run an alternator with DC output.  I don't have the engineering smarts to calculate all the ways to deal with this issue but I do have a lathe with taper attachment.  Yes George A, blown discs in the low back will change your life.  I was planing to go on SS Retirement this year but just got a letter from SS saying that I'll have to wait a few more years!  Major bummer for my finances!  Somebody needs to invent something like silicone that can be injucted into the discs and then set up.  I keep looking at this tube on my workbench and wondering how to get it to go through a needle!  And now there is a crackdown on Dr.'s prescribing Oxycodone that was the best pain control I had.  I spent the last year inside because too many kids steal grandmas pain pills to get high.  Yay insurence companies in charge of health care!  If anybody out there gets told you need holes drilled in their spine bones, I'd say don't do that!
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