Author Topic: Explaining "under the Macrocapas" to foreigners (read: the rest of the world)  (Read 3570 times)


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Finally in the new place at last!
The cleanup of the other place I deemed the beast that wouldn't die.  The anxiety and stress that caused my was some of the worst in my life. I sweated my guts out cleaning it up for well over a month and have the proof of how hard I worked. I lost 11Kg in the last month. I have not been this light since my 20's.  I have never been so tired, aching, stiff sore and every other infirmity in my life. My hands are a mess. Cuts, splinters and worst of all, jamming my fingers and hands constantly moving and packing things.  Gloves can't save you from that and I went through 3 good strong pair in the process.

I had to bring so much stuff here and have filled the shed again. A lot I ran out of time to sort but I'll be getting rid of it soon.

The problem with " The beast " was not my hoarding so much as not throwing shit out and failing to recognise how much total rubbish I had. This wasn't the obvious stuff, it was boxes of papers and things like wedding presents given to us 25 years ago put away and still never used.
The collected things were easy to get rid of. Mainly metal. 1.7 tons the first load, 1.2 the 2nd. The scrappy I got from gumtree were stoked particularly the 2nd guy who got over 200Kg of clean aluminum alone.

There is a lot more I'm going to have to get rid of. Just too much in the shed now and I'm not going to let that make my life a Misery again. I was throwing stuff out I had for decades and was torn to part with it but a week later, I could not tell you what 95% of it was which shows the real value or lack thereof and the stupidity of fretting over it. Going to be some hard culling going on but all for the best. I want to put up another shed but not for crap, to put the ride on mower and other garden gear in to keep the main shed more free and organised.

I see so much less crap around than what I had but now instead of being blinded by it, i'm freaking out. only take one cleanup like that in a persons life to scare them out of ever doing it again for life I reckon.

I have read the same about things in the US. Obviously not everywhere but the fact it's anywhere is concern enough. Seems there are many things you can do in the US which you couldn't think of here but still they seem a lot less " free" than we are. So many places here there are no utilities. My friend not 20 Min from me has no water or sewerage and has to harvest and dispose of his own on the property. He does have power but virtually no mobile service and land line is sketchy too with interference. Not being able to grow your own food seems incredible. I heard in other places it's legal to grow it but illegal to give it away such as to your Neighbours.

 I remember when I was a kid the people in my grandparents street had a virtual Co op going.
they would trade vegies for what they had for what they didn't and we always ate fresh.  The man of the houses pride was on how much garden growing area he had out the back and no one would visit without a tour of the veggie garden and leaving with an armfull of produce. The only one that could get away without taking a load of vegies with them was the family doctor whom made house calls then because he did have the reason of 20 paitents a day all trying to give him a weeks supply and he and his family had no way of getting through it all.  For that he might escape with just  a nights worth of food instead of a weeks. To not take anything caused insult.

I'm going to set up my bootleg solar system in the next week or so.  It will be technically illegal because I'll spin the regular meters backwards getting full credit for what I use.  The way you are supposed to do it is back feed at the rate of .6C kwh and buy it at 29.  This way being the crook I am, I get the same credit as what it costs me.  Basically, Fk them!
Really tired of being played for a sucker by gubbermints and big biz and I have learned that the crooks get away with everything while the honest people get shitcanned for innocent mistakes.
The scum  next to me at the old house built this huge ugly eyesore that bore no resemblence to the plans they submitted.  They got fined $1500 and that was it. I complained and wrote letters for over 12 months about it and NOTHING was done. i'm working on the same principal now.
The money I save on my power will be far greater than any fine I'll get IF discovered so stuff it. I'm not going to respect self serving laws which are unfair and profit driven.

I want to put up 5-10 Kw of panels and see how that goes. Biggest thing will be having the local council crack a shit because I haven't put in a development application to put things on my own roof or they will harass me for cutting down the ugly garbage bush that shades that side of the shed and drops it's messy leaves everywhere.  They take airiel pics all over the area and compare them to see who has chopped down a tree without the required red tape and payment. Not like this  is the city where trees are in short supply. Probably 1000 trees for every person in this greater area.

Luckily at least one Neighbour is of the same Disposition as me. I mentioned trimming tress the other day and he was all for it saying what a nice thing that was to hear after the former resident what wouldn't even cut the grass unless there was a compelling reason. Going to be a lot of crappy bushes and half arsed scrub getting the sword round here soon!

Going to be  lot of Vegetables going in as well.
My aim is to provide all the produce for christmas dinner this year and well beyond. Didn't move to an acre for nothing!