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Contamination with hydraulic oil?


I may potentially have access to a large and steady supply of WVO. The only real hitch I see is that there is likely to be some contamination with hydraulic oil. The amount of hydraulic relative to WVO is relatively small, but variable. Some of the WVO may have none, and if a leak has occurred recently, there may be a small percentage of hydraulic oil mixed in.

The questions I am hoping you guys can help me with are these...

Is there a percentage of hydraulic oil that is acceptable when burning WVO in one of our simple diesels?

Is there a means by which we can determine easily what level of contamination there is? (The hydraulic oil does contain dye to alert operators of a leak)

Is there a method by which I can separate the two oils easily?

Is there anything else that jumps to mind as potential concerns that I haven't mentioned here?

Thank you in advance!

First, there are LOTS of different types other hydraulic oils. I was given a 55 gal drum of waste hydraulic oil and ran it through my Lister. What I experienced was many of the same issues as running WMO.

          Check with your hydraulic oil source that they are not dumping any fire resistant hydraulic fluid into the mix. That could stop you dead!


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