Author Topic: The Listeroid Chronicles-WMO and Other Listeroid Modifications  (Read 181170 times)


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Re: The Listeroid Chronicles-WMO and Other Listeroid Modifications
« Reply #960 on: November 08, 2019, 02:16:09 PM »
Hey Glort...

Glad to see I haven't broken your sense of humour yet....

TM3 is arriving, delivered, at around AUD450 at today's exchange rate.... plus, with it, is about 150L of mildly water contaminated diesel that will go through the 'fuge and get burnt in one of the whirling dervishes.....

TM1 is still staring at me dolefully minus his lid, lid's done, just need to find the time to pop him a new barrel and rings, also waiting.... Life has got beyond me!

TM2 is running fine, taking the brunt of the longer outages, the little autostart and solar are doing the shorter stuffs...

As to the MG42.... I wish....

What I have gotten quite deep into is the cad/cam side of things, unfortunately the grey matter takes a while to charge up nowadays and the things that used to seem quickly "grasp-able" take a wee bit longer now..... No matter, I am not slower, just more deliberate and thorough.....

One thing that has been interesting, with the 3d printers that is, is the interest from the happy hippy home-maker crowd in some lithophanes that I 3d printed... Take a look into it, it would go hand in hand with your photography side of things, and, even me who is less impressed by a scenic panoramic view than the tech involved with making a box of matches, finds them pretty damn awesome!

But, enough rambling.... Gotta go and clear the path for the honeysucker that's en route to alleviate another minor irritation... but that's another saga entirely....

Have a gr8 weekend...

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Re: The Listeroid Chronicles-WMO and Other Listeroid Modifications
« Reply #961 on: November 08, 2019, 05:59:29 PM »

Ed, I'm green with envy :-\

Somehow members here keep coming up with these "barn finds" for very little cash.
Here in Canada I have never heard of a barn find lister CS.
I suspect there's only 3 working genuine Lister CS units in the whole country.
It would be nice to run across a deal like that.

Rebuild her well and keep the CS legacy going.  ;)

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