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Good to see what you have done with WMO

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When I first came here everybody told me that I would ruin my engine running it on WMO and there was absolutely nothing on Youtube on it.. My how times have changed.

My health has declined and  don't get around much any more but I thought I would check into the site and contribute an update.

My engine is still running well. I was showing it to somebody the other day and I said it probably would not start because I had not started it in a couple of years. Assume makes an ass out of me LOL, it started up the first time the piston went past TDC. The fuel system has had WMO in it continuously for something like 8 or 9 years so it looks like my method of checking and treating the PH has worked fine. It also shows that WMO does not go bad like diesel and biodiesel do. Great for long term storage. I got an email from an old friend the other day. he had to pay huge amounts of money to dispose of a thousand gallons of bad diesel fuel that went bad. Now he has decided to take my advice and switch to WMO. Not only is it free, it is good forever.

Good to hear all worked well for you. Also good to see an "oldtimer" is out there and still kicking!



That's good feedback. Thanks for posting.

take good care,

Glad to hear from you, rbodell.   I ran WMO for one winter and didn't have trouble except for having to clean the injector a few times.    Nice to hear you've run WMO for so long.   I remember people worried about the acids and debris in WMO.   I don't do anything about the acid, but I tried to de-water and clean it by heating and centrifuging.


Howdy Folks, my burning question is.......  With WMO for fuel is anyone using Synthetic oil and and are you having any issues specifically because of the synthetic oil?

Thank You.



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