Author Topic: ALCO Starter Generator 1956 - Wiring Questions  (Read 2405 times)


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ALCO Starter Generator 1956 - Wiring Questions
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:11:47 PM »
I have a Petter AV1 and Alco starter generator set from 1956. It was packaged as a set by Dale Electric according to the ID tag on the generator. I'm hoping that someone will have some info on these starter generators as I'm a bit puzzled on the electrical side about how it works.
The AC looks fairly straightforward with sliprings, but there are 2 sets of DC brushes. From what I can make out, one set is for starting, the other set for recharging and maybe field coils. But the smaller set are only in circuit when the starter button is pressed, unless maybe there's something inside the main casing which is inertia driven?

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