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Witte CD generator project
« on: July 07, 2014, 03:23:41 AM »
I picked up a Witte CD engine with the generator base. It's going to be my next project and will probably end up similar to the Lister generator I built for my parents.

This CD had very poor compression, most leaking out of the valves, so I took the head off to have a look. It needs new valves and guides. The cylinder liner has about ten thousandths of wear, so I need a new liner or have this one re sleeved. The wrist pin and bushing have just a tiny bit of play, so they need to get replaced too. In my search for parts, I found another running CD engine on generator base and some used parts. I'll be picking those up at the end of this month. The used parts aren't much better than the ones I already have in my engine, but they are still worth having.

I'm going to rebuild both engines. I've contacting David Johnson at Arrow and he said he had no parts left, only the manual on CD. Anybody out there got any parts for these they want to get rid of? I don't expect to find any liners, so I will probably get all three of my sleeves re-sleeved, one for each engine and one for a spare. I can make new rod bearings (although I don't plan to since they last forever), wrist pins and bushings, and valve guides. Finding new valves should not be too hard since I can cut them down myself with my lathe.
Thanks for any parts leads!
Currently no listeroids, sad........ very sad.....
Just some other antique engines ranging from 40 pounds to 33,000 pounds each.