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Lister B spec 11 engine

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Hi all,

The Lister A & B engines started production in mid 1923. the A10 and B10 being hopper cooled, whilst the A50 and B50 were tank cooled.

Around late December or early January, there were changed to the specification in the form of a redesigned crankshaft and carburettor, These engines were designated A11, B11, A51, B51.

The next design changes were; connecting rod/gudgeon pin and also the petrol tank brackets, with the new spec being A12, B12, A52, B52.

The spec 10 (and 50) engines were in production for about 6 months and there are a few examples of these in preservation. There are also some examples of the 12's and 52's, as they also had a reasonable production run, but my interest is in the A11, B11, A51, B51 Spec numbers. These engines were only in production for six weeks, and according to David Edginton's books there were only 36 B11 engines built (from memory may be 33).

In the excellent Story of A & B engines, there are only two photos of spec 11 (51) engines. One is a tank cooled A51, whilst the other pic is of a tank cooled B51 that had been taken many years previously. There was some doubt if the B51 was still in existence.

Why my interest? Well, over ten years ago, I spotted what looked like a water company well head in a friends garden. It turned out to be a Lister B, and my journey into restoration began. It was several months before I discovered other people with similar interests on the internet, and then after enquiring about my engine, I received a bit of a surprise. I had failed to find any evidence that any Lister B Spec 11 engines had made it into preservation. On discovering this, I had to rush out and physically check the plate again, just to make sure. I will try to put a picture here.

<br><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"><br>
If the photo failed, it showed the engine plate with Spec 11 on it.

So my question to everybody is this: Is this a unique example, or are there other members with Spec 11 engines? Of course, there may still be one or two hidden away in barns awaiting discovery and rescue!

I'll try another photo.
<br><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"><br>

I have resurrected my old site concerning the B 11, I will try to post the link.
<a href="" target="_blank">Lister B Spec 11 site</a><br><br>

Would be nice to be able to compare notes with another B 11 owner!

Simon Taylor

Four years guys…
Does nobody else have a Lister B spec 11 engine?
Even in bits?

Anyone got one?

closest thing I can see

Smaller hopper?, looks like it might be an early 'A' from that period. Nise set-up.


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