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I just ran across this site while I was doing some searching for diesel motorcycles:

It appears the guy converted a Suzuki motorcycle to run on a Changfa diesel, andthat he sells a CD showing how he did it. 
Sounds like one of those projects George is working on.   ;)

Anyway, there are some great videos of a 6/1 'roid running, with excellent audio.  Those of you who haven't heard a Listeroid run can get a good idea of what a 'roid sounds like.  Kind of like a big sewing machine.



--- Quote from: quinnf on December 23, 2005, 06:11:42 AM ---  Kind of like a big sewing machine.


--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D

That is a pretty good site.

George has a link to the motorcycle.  I get a feeling the water pipe frame extension *could* lead to sudden road rash and sparks.   :o

Yeah, I saw that and was thinking you probably won't see him on the cool end of a welding gun next time you flick across American Chopper on the Discovery Channel!  However you gotta admire anyone these days who has the vision and isn't afraid to tackle a difficult and novel bit of wrenching!


pithy quote:
"Your attempt to hold us at bay with a non-functional phaser
was an act of unmitigated gall . . . I admire gall!"
- Worf

Hey, I just saw this.

How totallyl cool!  I've always wanted to take my welder on a camping trip.
Now, I wonder if you could lose the smelly 2-stroke gas engine and bolt it to a 3.5 Petteroid!    ;D

Hmmm . . . the webpage says "mounted on welded aluminum backpack frame w/20ft. welding/control cables..."  Wow, that guy's arms must be a lot longer than it looks in the picture!



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