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love my mercedes

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I think my 1982 Mercedes 300SD will run on butter or chicken fat.....

It started this morning without issues on 90% WVO/10% RUG (petrol)........ it was 20 degrees F ( that is -6.6 C)

Granted, the back window doesn't work, the AC doesn't work, the cruise control crapped out a long time ago, the interior is cracking from age and heat......
..... but it ALWAYS starts and gets me where I need to go.

Wow Bret,

Is this a brag?  I sure hope so.  I'm looking for Cherokee stick so I stick a Merc engine into it.  And look at the prices of these proud stallions here in Hawaii.   :o  OK, both riggs are pretty nice looking units but these cars are 30 years old.  I see dogs being advertised for $3K.

Pretty neat huh.


Would you like to come to New Mexico to purchase one here?
Hawaii isn't the only place where people think these old cars are worth a small fortune......

Getting a true Arizona or New Mexico car is just a fantasy for most of us here in Paradise.  It doesn't get or stay green without lots of moisture.  $11,000 is just a click above the dream for me.  And these units are just too big for me for just running around. 

We all know of these "perfect" solutions.  I always wonder why they need to be improved?  We're just too smart for our own good.


Hugh Conway:
Maybe I should try some duck fat too.
My old Toyota is a 4WD 2.0L normally aspirated Diesel one ton. Old, but still does the job.
Still sitting level with about 1800 pounds of iron on the back.


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