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Making a frame for a generator

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This is cool stuff! I have also been thinking about the "Hockey Puck" idea.
The "low frequency" line is interesting. A coil spring encapsulated in a "rubber" block is "suspension".
I wonder what they cost?????

Carbon fiber is a fantastic vibration absorber. Bicycle frames made of CF nearly always ride smoother. Aircraft parts made of CF tend to reduce noise transmitted through the part. ETC. Maybe 4 CF suspension mounts of proper design could decouple the vibes from the floor while allowing the engine to remain quite steady. Another thought is elastomeric mounts. Though they tend to have a 5 or 6 year life.

I have 4 inch I beams to form a box. I plan on mounting this on wood beams. Maybe the wood can attach to the concrete with some form of high tech mount.

Also, I have an ACES balancing set. I will be able to graph the vibes and it is quite likely I will be able to balance the engine far better. From my experience I believe nearly any engine balance can be improved. It will be interesting to see what I end up with.


johnny williams:
I have a friend that works at a lumber yard and he came across a section of laminated beam about 8' long. Works GREAT ...for now anyway. I used loooong lags to tie everything down with.
MY 2% worth.
Johnny Williams

WOOD; Natures natural carbon fiber ;D


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