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Stamford D8C transformer controlled generator


Hugh Conway:
Good afternoon Gentlemen:
Re the generator I was recently given; I seem to be unable to find any information regarding this model. Contacted Cummins, they have nothing.
Would anyone have any information about the operation of this type, and can anyone point me to a manual? This particular head was belt driven by an ST2.
It was a replacement for the original, I am sure, as the whole gen set was Mfg'd by BC Equipment Co. Ltd in Vancouver. Engine is dated 1968, and gen set data plate indicates 7KW. this gene head is dated 11/80 and is 9,4KW
Any information appreciated.

Hugh Conway:
Well, looks like my first attempt at posting photos was a failure.........tried 4 photos, one posted!

Hugh Conway:
Answered my own questions;
Cummins replied that they had no record of this model. Full marks to them however, my request got passed around internationally. John Guslander, a Cummins service engineer dug up not only a manual, but the actual build sheet for this very generator.  Apparently those made 1977 and prior had extra windings for use as a starter motor! If anyone is interested, PM me, I will be happy to forward the manual on this apparently rare Stamford D8C transformer controlled generator.

I would need the documentation regarding the Stamford generator thank you very much

Hugh Conway:
 Some time ago, that generator went to another LEF member. The manual and build data were deleted from my computer files during a clean-up last year. I did send the files to at least three other members. Perhaps some are still active and will respond to your request. Try to PM Quinnbrian, he may be able to assist .
I'm very sorry that I am unable to help you further.


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