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Bank of listeroid generators
« on: June 22, 2006, 02:25:09 PM »
This was posted by Dana Linscott on the infopop forum...
supposedly they are being run on veggie oil and have accumulated of 15,000 hours.. I was curious if any of the members here were aware of or have any information about the installation?

I have one client who wanted to produce electricity nearly 24/7 AND use the heat generated to provide part of the space heating for their warehouses. I almost lost them as a client when I suggested using a room full of two cylinder low speed gensets rather than a bus sized conventional single engine diesel generator.

There were a LOT of reasons for my suggestion...but the biggest was that if it proved neccesary to repair the "generator" due to wvo use it would be cheaper to do so with the simple small engines of the listroids...and the rest of the gensets would continue to generate electricity/revenue during any such repairs.

At nearly two years only minor repairs have been neccesary due to a very careful maintenence regime and a thorough instepction of each prior to initial operation.

Some of the listeroids are approaching the 15,000 hour mark with no repairs at all. I am really impressed!

If a second client decide to do this I will try to offer a "group buy" of the listeroids piggybacked on their order. Until them I think Utterpower is probably the best source.

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