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Anyone using Redstone now?

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Hugh Conway:
Saw that above mentioned engine in service yesterday.  Not a lot more to report. lHas a total of about 5 hours on it, so can't say much. Drives a ST 10Kw gen head..
It is in a room about 10 X 12 ft. and seems very loud compared to a 6/1 Lister(oid). Mostly intake noise, though what % is hard to say. This Redstone is being used as a standby unit, so will probably not get a lot of use during its life.
There, at least one is working for its living, even if part time.

Well, My Redstone is still in deep storage. I'm working on finishing up putting together a Chinese Yanmar clone, a 2 cyl Kubota and a 3 cyl Kubota. Maybe next year I'll get to tear in to it.

hawaiian diesel:
I too have a Redstone in Hawaii. It is also sitting deep in the garage. Mounted on an I beam with a 10kw head upgraded by Power Solutions. Randy Almand  custom pulleys geared to 1500 rpm on the Redstone. I don't think you can find Randy's pulleys anymore.

 One day I hope to have it running.


hawaiian diesel:
Update... Still havn't worked on this project. 0 hrs. on engine. Make offer if you're interested in this engine and 10kw Power Solutions gen head. dnpn1 at  outlook dot com

I still have mine and it's still setting in the garage under a tarp. I finally got motivated on finishing my Cat/Perkins build after something like 4 years or so. It'll probably be a few years before I touch the Redstone. Too many other things in life.


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