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Anyone using Redstone now?

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I finally got my Redstone up and running. Have had it since 2009. I took it apart, cleaned and checked everything. Put about 2hrs. on it, then stored it. Moved it to my new pole building last week. Made a hardwood skid and mounted it and a 5kw ST head that I also have had since 2003. I plan on getting a 10kw head this winter to hook up to the engine. The engine starts and runs fine.


They do look like a pretty much standard china diesel with the addition of a second flywheel. Perhaps a specialized version for electrical generation?

RP48: When you took it apart was there much dirt/sand etc inside? Also, does it run smooth on that pallet or is there some vibration

Randybee1;   There is some vibration, but not severe enough to cause a problem. I run the engine about 1400rpm to achieve 1800 rpm/60hz at the generator. When I put a 4800watt on it, the engine smooths out.

Good to know. I have mine mounted onto an I-beam frame. I have the Almand pulley and will be running at about 1500 rpm.


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