Author Topic: GTC Listeroid 6/1's for sale in Western Canada  (Read 3392 times)

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GTC Listeroid 6/1's for sale in Western Canada
« on: March 26, 2013, 04:33:01 PM »
Hello everyone! Turbo charged 6/1 Listeroids for sale! Just kidding,, but hey I bet it got your attention eh?

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have some more of our GTC high build spec 6/1 Listeroid engines for sale. Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is located just north of Lethbridge Alberta, Canada (in a small town called Diamond City). We welcome USA buyers to come to come to our location for pick up (we have had at least 12 Listeroids go across the border without issue.  Additionally, We have also now shipped 7 to the USA successfully. For all USA bound engines, we uncrate and remount engines onto pallets as the India wood crate can be rejected or not allowed to cross the border. We do charge $150.00 for this which includes the delivery to the truck terminal.

  These GTC 6/1 Listeroid engines have the 1000 rpm, 5 hole pattern 12/1 flywheels instead of the spoked type (as we feel these are much safer), 7 stud cylinder head and cast iron block cylinder (no wet liner) as this is close to the original Lister design minus the Listard chrome. These engines also have en52 valves, spin on oil filtration, unpainted crank case interior, counter weighted crank shaft, cast iron valve cover. We charge a little more for these 6/1engines to cover some of these upgrades which we are confident you will in the end be thankful we added. Please check us out at or call Troy at 403 329 4368 for more information and pricing.