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Peace&Love :D, Darren

Just a modern variant on the old 2 stroke total loss lube system.

In fact with all the prior art I don't see how it is patentable, USPO no doubt, patent anything there..... it's gonna need one hell of a fuel filtration system if you want your pump and injectors to last more than a few thousand hours

As far as listers go it at a stroke removes the multifuel capability too, listers have a beautifully elegant and simple lube system that has been proven to last many tens of thousand of hours, you can't improve on that by making something as complex as this will have to be to work reliably and safely

I wonder if all that mechnical movement airates the oil.  The fuel system wouldnt like that would it?

Also, doesnt a lister have a problem of keeping it oil at the proper temperature anyhow?  (to cold)


Peace&Love :D, Darren


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