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Guy, Here's some info to digest.

The 2005 average Rape seed crop yielded 32.6 bushels per acre.

There are 50 pounds in a bushel of rape seed 42% being oil.

@ 32.6 bushels per acre there are 684.6 pounds of oil.

There 7.6 pounds of oil in a U.S. gallon.

Which leaves us with 90.07 gallons of oil per acre @ the 2005 average of 32.6 bushels/acre.

In 2003 the total U.S. crude oil consuption was 2,057,000,000 barrels of crude.

One barrel contains 42 U.S. gallons.

863,940,000,000 Gallons of crude were consumed in the U.S. in 2003.

It would take 959,187,298 acres to meet ALL of the U.S. annual oil demand.

There 640 acres in a square mile.

It would take 1,498,730 square miles to meet 2003 U.S. Total oil demands.

There are 587,000,000 acres of available pasture/grasslands in the U.S. which total 9,171,875 square miles.

Still dont think we have the land to support organic fuels and lubes?

If only taking into account the pasture land NOT farmland we have 83% more land than is needed to support ALL of the U.S. annual demand.

It will only take 17% of the 587,000,000 acres of U.S. pasture land to produce 100% of the demand.

That includes 100% of gasoline usage

100% of the heating oil usage

100% of the jet fuel used

100% of the petro chemical usage

100% of the diesel fuel usage

ALL of the above land data come's straight from the USDA government census.

Ill do some more reasearch so we can figure the percentage each industry consumes.

Peace&Love :D, Darren

i didnt take time to do much more than parruse thru the article, but

are you supporting the idea of using vegi oils as lubrication oils?

i thought your interest lies in their use as fuels

looks like alot of modification would have to be done to vegie oil to make it suitable for lubrication oil

bob g


Peace&Love :D, Darren

Dail R H:
   Where does one buy this magic fluid?

Lots of potential here. I had no idea that over time (like in the postal vehical study) it would dissolve out the sludge and heavy metals. Even without the zinc additive, it has a favorable coefficient of friction in the crankcase. Amazing if true, still reading.

I guess if anyone had the nerve to fill their trans with it, it would be you because you worked for GM. Good for you, glad it worked.

AFAIK, Canola is cost competetive to produce. The demand for Canola could easily revive the farms in the midwest. If I lived there, I would be out scouting for farms for sale right now.


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