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can a 1984 ford, 6.9l non turbo run on WVO? thanks, Mike

yes, but for how long? and what kind of maintenance issues are you likely to encounter?

if the veggie is well filtered it will certainly burn in the engine, however you will likely have all sorts of problems with all the rubber parts, hoses, orings, pump seals, lift pump diaphram (maybe) to deal with.

then there will be an issue with piston rings getting gummed up

and then unburned or partially burned veggie getting into the lube oil, polymerizing into a goop that is hard on lower end components

so, if you change out some rubber parts, which likely need changing anyway due to age, and  if you change oil a bit more frequently, and set it up to start and shutdown on dino diesel, and maybe switch to and fro during the drive just to keep things as clean as possible, you can probably get by using it.

you probably will have to heat the veggie for it to flow and make it through the system in cooler weather and definitely in cold weather.

short answer, is yes it can be done, the reality is a bit more detailed to do it right.

bob g

I'm running my Isuzu NPR on about 30% WVO blended with 15% RUG, few ounces of cetene and topped off with a splash of Acetone.  I haven't been doing this long and when the truck is going to not be started for a month or more I fill it up with B20.  Oh, this WVO concoction is blended with B20.  And the truck lives in Hawaii where 85 is really really warm and 67 degrees is my personal witness low. 

I can't see any difference in performance but it's only been a thousand miles or so - hardly getting started.


You might find a lot more activity on these forums:

Both biodiesel and SVO (straight vegetable oil) discussion forums there have quite a bit of information.

Thanks for the imput, I've been running a FieldMarshall 6/1 on wvo for 3-4 years not, turning an ST5 generator to power my house, few problems here and there, just got it back running after quite some time off, anyway I have a large stock-pile of WVO, which is why I'm thinking of a vehicle powered that way. I really don't want to make bio-diesel, just don't have the time to do it........and want another choice besides gas. Mike


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