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A Little Head Work


Reno Speedster:
Well, I just came from the machine shop where I dropped off my case to be hot tanked and picked up the head which they had been working on for a while.  They hot tanked it, installed bronze liners, fitted the valves, properly ground the seats, surfaced the head and ground the face of the valve lifters for the princely total of $82.  The real bargins were bushing the guides and grinding the valve lifters which cost $11 each.  I think this was money well spent in the long run.  They can also properly polish the crank for a nominal fee so I'll be taking it down later in the week.  Can't wait to start putting this thing back together! 



Did they use off the shelf bushings for your guides?  Part numbers, by any chance?  Reamer size for seating? Clearance reamed or swaged, or honed?
  As soon as it gets warm enough to melt the 20w jello in my lathe I'll be bushing mine.

Reno Speedster:
As I understand it, they were a standard size so they bored the existing guides and pressed in a bronze sleeve then reamed the sleeve to fit the valve stems.  There were not any part numbers per se, at least they were not listed.  They did the job with the guides still in the head.   Sorry, I'd know alot more about it if I had done the job myself, however, it was just easier to have them do it as my lathe is not up and running at the moment and I haven't been able to get to my dad's shop (300 miles away).



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