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Bryce injectors
« on: July 29, 2020, 01:11:25 AM »

Because some of the older big machines such as Blackstone/Miirlees have fallen under the “Lister” label in recent decades – I might just put these in “Lister” and in “Other”

I wonder if someone has a use for them?

I have four large Bryce/Lucas-Bryce NTDOB injectors – complete and still sealed in plastic-wrap and original boxes from what looks like a factory overhaul.  They were part of a larger auction and I would say they have originally been “spares” inventory somewhere like a municipality or a hospital where a large Polar engine or something like that has been working

I would guess the pictures tell the story, really?

Perhaps these would be useful to someone restoring or working an older large machine – I think this NTDOB (and possibly related/possible overlap NTCLB and NTDLB) series of injectors are from large individual-cylinder two-stroke diesels – but I stand to be corrected

It also seemed to me that injectors such as these in good condition might represent an opportunity for someone to machine an adaptor-sleeve to use them in a non-original application?

Stamped into the injector is the Bryce code:

The boxes say “99-5367-7241” and that’s a coding number for parts that have had a military application in some way – perhaps a marine engine or a large generator/power plant?

99-5367-7241 is an American NSN (National Stock Number) in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 28, and Federal Supply Class (FSC) 2815 & FSC 2910
NSN listing part number 99-357 also references a listing #U1614

99-5367-7241 is also on the NATO Parts list in categories DRN2910 & DRN4780 as: part #2815-99-536-7241 “Injector assy F” also mentioning parts numbers OD28674 and K8098

In Britain they’re referenced with part # “8715” which is a Defence and Aerospace listing under the UK NIIN (National Item Identification Number) 995367241
UK NIN also references part numbers OD28674, 2815995367241 and 995362741

Bryce says applications include Miirlees Blackstone and Lister Blackstone engine-type ERS MGR two-stroke diesels and Wichmann AX engine-type diesels

I’d be relaxed about mailing these anywhere they may be needed.  I guess each box might weigh two or three KGs?

I guess anyone interested could message me?  Cheers