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I have been showing engines at the Oblong engine show for the past few years;

Butch Cherrington brought over his two beautiful engines last year as did Tom Jambowitz.  We had a nice gathering of British iron that probably has never before happened on this side of the pond.  

I have talked to Paul (Contracreek) and Butch (38AC) and we are testing the waters to see if there is interest in gathering on a larger scale.  This show is in early August and that would be the place to gather.  I am offering my place as a gathering spot.  I am about 50 minutes away from Oblong.  This is a nice friendly show with a nice collection of larger permanant display engines.

I have a call into the Oblong show folks to run this past them.  

Your thoughts?


As Bob said we just had a phone conversation about this and was funny that we both have been thinking about the same thing, a gathering of sort for dieselheads. As for engine types welcome I am very open as I like them all.  British, Indian, Chinese, Polish or what ever would be OK but as Bob said nothing in stone and looking for inputs and checking for interest.  Oblong Illinois was mentioned since we had an unofficial type gathering  there last summer and as Bob said it is a pretty nice venue for what we are discussing.

Anyone from Ontario besides me ??

I spoke with Mike Garrard of the Oblong show group.  They would be happy to accommodate us.  Flyers are already ordered so we probably would not be featured in the first round of advertising.  If a second printing is done, we could be promoted.


    What are the dates for the show?  I had planned on being in Olney to visit family the first week of the month but then I have to be

 in Alaska the middle of the month.  Would be nice to take in the engine show and meet with you all.


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