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A few years ago I "played" a farmer on a discovery show about energy. Although we make fuel on our farm, the story was about another project that has used some of our crop.. The show pops up on youtube from time to time. The biodiesel part is about 3/4 of the way through the show. Our part runs from 37:20 to 38;53 and my favorite shot at the end  43:22. If I posted this before, just pretend I didn't.... 


Hi fuelfarmer,

Nice article.  I had to laugh when the first credits went to Shell oil.

I'll get back to parts I, II, and III this evening.



Didn't a bunch of the biodiesel places get their butts kicked soon after this program was completed or have they recovered since then?  I seem to recall Willie Nelson's favorite truck stop getting shut down.

Yes commercial biodiesel operations have had a tough time. Even when there is a tax credit that just drives up the cost of feed stock, and that just cancels out the extra income.

Shell was a big sponsor of the 4 hour series. When the show ran on the network, the last shot of the show was the tractor driving over the camera. Then the screen went to a big Shell logo. It was fun to be in the show, and being in the last few frames to close out the series.


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