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Me and my LUV
« on: June 01, 2006, 01:37:02 AM »
I recently snatched up a couple of 1981 Isuzu Pup/Chevy LUV Pickups.  They look like Jesus might have driven them, even tho they are from 1981...

They run great tho.  But with over 250,000 miles, I think a preventative overhaul is in order.

I've got 4 of the C223 Diesel Engines.  Two running (in the trucks), 2 unknown but supposedly very close to running.  I also got 2 extra transmission, both from the gasoline version of the vehicle.  One is 2x4 the other has 4x4.  3 of the bolt holes line up, the starter is in the wrong place, but I'm sure this can be 'augmented.'  I think one of the trucks is going to lose #5 gear shortly.  All Manual, of course.

I've never taken on an automotive task this large before.  I wanted to check if someone here was nearby and might be willing to serve as a floatation device if/when I get in over my head?  I'm in Citrus County, FL.  I need to square this away before I can buy me a Lister!

It's probably easier than I think it is.  I always assume the unknown is above me.  I screw up less that way.  ;-)