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HOWTO: Post pictures in the forum


A perennial issue for users of forums, not just this one, is "how do I post a picture". Having seen another such question, here is the definitive answer.

Step 1: If you haven't already, please go visit, and grab yourself an account. Accounts are completely free, and the gallery is run by a good friend of the Lister Engine forum. Once you've got your account, follow the simple steps there to upload and (optionally) resize your photos to "forum-friendly".

Step 2: Open a new tab/window/browser session (whichever suits you best), open the Lister Engine Forum, go to the thread/forum you plan to post in, and start your post.

Step 3: From the icon view of the Gallery, click the picture you wish to see. It will appear in "screen size" view; this is perfect for the forum. On Windows machines, right click and choose the appropriate option:

IE6/7/8(?) users - click "Properties", then copy the contents of the "Address" field in the pop-up window to the clipboard
Opera - click "Copy Image Address"
FireFox - click "Copy Image Location"
Safari - click ???? <--- Are you a Safari user? Please let me know the menu option to copy an image's URL to the clipboard so I can complete this FAQ
Other - click ???? <--- If you use a browser not listed above, please help! I need the same info as for Safari + your browser's name & version no.

Step 4: You now have the picture's URL in your browser. Switch to your new posting, and click the IMG button (); this will give you an {IMG}{/IMG} tag pair, only with square brackets not the curly ones I'm showing.

Step 5: Finally.... position your cursor between the two IMG tags, and paste in the URL you selected in Step 3.

To add extra images, simply repeat steps 3-5. You can do this with almost any picture you find on the web, they don't have to come from the Lister Engine Gallery; I believe you can do something similar with PhotoBucket and other on-line galleries.

If you can add anything to this guide, or if you feel any part of it needs clarification or re-wording, please do let me know either by PM, or by replying here.


Lets see if OneDrive works

 ??? Forum don't seem to accept the URL...

User Galery Upload:


Time to experiment again with image hosting.... Doesn't look like the Lister engine gallery is ever coming back on line again  :'(

Image hosted on:

V12 Rolls Royce Merlin engine at the Johannesburg Military Museum.
(Engine used in Spitfire Aeroplanes)

Seems to work fine. Also an option to resize before the link is copied.

dkeav04: is also an option, you can easily resize for a forum by appending a s/m/l or so to the end of the URL as well

Like so: m added before .jpg to resize to medium on the fly.

and full sized without the m

Another one from photobucket[imghttp://][/img]


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